Our New Home

Av. Golf Los Lomas de La Dehesa 9956

While we enjoy our urban existence in Atlanta, it became clear that in Chile, living in downtown Santiago would not be a real option. The kids were accepted to Nido de Aguilas, the International School in Lo Barnechea. Leonora and Soledad, the two women helping us from Relocation Chile suggested our children may not have a playdate if we lived too far away. So we decided to chose Golf Los Lomas which is considered a “condominium” because is is a gated community, but thankfully doesn’t feel like a uninteresting subdivision. Our house is beautiful and incredibly comfortable with lots of light. We have a beautiful garden and a swimming pool.

We feel very lucky we found such a great place. But, we need to be sure we maintain a connection to downtown. I want to be sure we make it into the city regularly.

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