Skiing in August

Madie skiing at Valle Nevado.

We should have bought a car today. We really needed to do that. But when we heard that people in the office were organizing a day trip to go skiing, we figured that was much better than buying a car. Friday night we met at the Mall of Sport (Yes, an entire mall based on sports) and purchased a bunch of ski gear and went to bed early for the 6 am wake up.

The drive up to the ski resort, Valle Nevado in our hired bus, was terrifying. I can not even imagine trying to wind the treacherous turns with snow or any ice at all. You feel like your fate is held with the random driver who is at the wheel and any slight distraction or just soil and rock erosion will land you tumbling down the mountain. We learned that despite first impressions, very few accidents happen. After a rather nervous hour of driving, we made it to the ski resort at the top.

Our only experience skiing has been in Lake Tahoe Nevada. This was quite different in that there is not a tree in sight. The runs were amazing, it felt almost empty and there was not a cloud in the sky. I can’t imagine a better day for skiing. And, how great to think that it is only a 90 minute drive from our house.

3 thoughts on “Skiing in August

  1. You four are in for a WONDERFUL adventure! Thank you very much for keeping a blog – please keep at it: it helps us keep you close in our hearts, Kiersten. Love and Kisses xoxoxoxo Jo & Scott

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