Hiking in our Backyard

This week we realized one of the only benefits to the school bus arriving at 6:50 a.m.:   John and I headed out on a hike at 7 a.m.  Knowing we didn’t want to get stuck in morning traffic, we decide to try a hike right in our “gated community” (hate writing that term).  We thought it might not be a great hike but would be good to check out.

Turns out the hike was amazing.  Most of hike was off trail but at the top of the mountain were beautiful meadows.  We saw many birds, some bunnies and a few lizards.  It will be interesting to see how the terrain changes as we progress into Spring soon.

Santiago is a hotbed of outdoor adventure sports.  And, hiking is taken very seriously around here.  At Nido de Aguilas Madie is taking an after-school activity called climbing and trekking.  And, I just learned that there is a parent hiking group that selects a new trail every other week and meets for a two to four hour hike.

The resources for hiking are amazing too.  You can find great Web sites that map out hundreds of trail options such as Andeshandbook.org and Fundacion Sendero de Chile.  The project Sendero de Chile is attempting to connect and create a major trail system all across the Chilean territory stretching from North to South.  

And, all of this is just hiking in Santiago.  Also popular are mountain biking, skiing (see skiing in August), and more extreme adventures across the country.  Obviously trekking in Patagonia should be amazing.

I came across a great blog post from Madador Trips which talks about Reserva Ecológica Contrafuertes Cordillerano in Santiago.  I really want to check this one out. It says there is an incredible waterfall at the end.

John and I enjoyed out trip so much we took the kids back this morning.  We decided it would make for a great weekend activity.  We can try and see how many hikes we can do before we head home.  This one was literally in our backyard.  In fact, we took this picture that shows our house just to the left off the golf course.

View of Av. Golf Los Lomas 9956

We ended up hiking for two hours and the kids did great.

We tried to keep on the lookout for animals.  Madie and Jack made up signs we could use to alert each other to any animal sighting as we stayed quiet looking for rabbits.

After about an hour we made it to the top and had a little snack.

You could see all around Santiago, including the city.  We tried to see if we could find the W hotel in El Golf downtown, the hotel we stayed at when we came to visit our first time.

Looking out with the City of Santiago in the distance.

After two hours, we made it back to the bottom.  Kids were proud of the long hike they accomplished.  What a great way to spend a Sunday morning.

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